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Welcome friend to RandyFarley.com and thank you for choosing my site.  Your visit here today is not an accident. You have been guided here by fate, curiosity, chance, or divine intervention. If you are ready to embark on a new stage in your life or have questions about the path you have chosen I offer you my unique insight and perspective in all matters. Many of my clients concerns deal with business, love, emotional and spiritual situations including loved ones who have crossed over. As a survivor of two near death experiences I have been to the other side and returned with a purposeful mission to help others using the spiritual gifts that have been bestowed upon me. As a medium I utilize this heightened sense of awareness to access necessary information to help those in need of my services. I would consider it an honor to be your personal psychic.

Note: I only work with the positive energy, ie "White light", and do not condone the missuse/abuse of spiritual gifts.

How a reading works

face to face

Using my intuitive abilities to connect with your energy I provide answers to your questions. You may also want to reconnect with a loved one who has crossed over.

Phone readings

This type of reading is popular as well as effective.  I conduct phone readings the same way as face to face readings.  Instead of being in the same room you may receive a reading from the comfort of your home or office.


This type of reading is done in a group setting.  Those wishing to receive a message from the other side have the opportunity to reconnect with a loved one.  I welcome all who seek guidance, comfort and closure to attend these special events. 


  • Presently available for face to face readings in the Nashville and Clarksville,Tennessee areas.
  • Join me at the Galactic Expo at theTennessee State Fairgrounds. www.galacticexpo.com
  • Have a web cam? Enjoy a face to face reading from wherever you are via Skype or Facebook !

Services Offered:

  • Face-to-face readings at your home or office
  • Psychic Readings
  • House Cleansing/Smudging
  • Classes in Tarot
  • And more!

I will be available for special parties and social functions as well as readings from my home, by appointment only. Feel free to contact me via phone at Phone 615.977.1090 or email at randyfarley@bellsouth.net.
I will respond to your inquiry soon

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